How Can UAE Brands Run a Successful Ramadan 2019 Marketing Campaign?

06 May, 2019

UAE Branding Campaigns

If you haven’t optimized your business strategy to engage and interact with people in Ramadan, now is the time to create an effective Ramadan 2019 marketing strategy to maximize your profits.

The month of Ramadan holds a benign significance among the Muslims all over the world. Alongside being a month of fasting, it also helps a practicing Muslim to learn the essence of sacrifice, abstinence, charity, and self-control. While people often prefer spending much of their fasting time in their prayers and relax in the rest of time, businesses have to work even more during this month. The same holds for UAE brands and the digital marketing companies in UAE.

Yes, irrespective of the size of your business, Ramadan Kareem can act as a great market catalyst. All you need is to adopt the right advertising campaign with the help of a seasoned digital marketing company. It could be a change in your company logo, enhancement in your web design Dubai, or creating attractive landing pages as part of your Ramadan marketing idea. But whatever it is, make sure that it clicks with your targeted audience.

Remember, you have still plenty of Ramadan time left, which you could utilize to expand your business. Many UAE Brands have already approached topnotch digital marketing firms to work on their advertising campaign, and it is now your turn to be a pro. Here is how you can optimize your marketing strategy to ensure maximum gains for your brand.

1. Act promptly

Ramadan Marketing Campaigns

If you are working for a client or have to promote your own brand, advance planning is always advisable. The best move would be to start designing landing pages, creating engaging text messages, or doing web design Dubai right before Ramadan starts. Once the holy month begins, you can go on to share your emailers and messages regarding special Ramadan discounts and offers to your potential customers. Don’t forget to keep the email address and contact list of the consumers ready to avoid last minute hassles. 

2. What about launching a video advertising campaign?

It is indeed a great idea to have a video of your service or product to connect with your clients instantly. Many UAE Brands are adopting this method to establish an emotional attachment with the audiences. For instance, in a latest ad created with Ramadan in Mind, Tata Motors has incorporated one of the most pious spirits of Ramadan Kareem – Giving Back!

Titled as ‘Katra Katra Neki’ (Gather every bit of your good deeds) the advertisement shows a group of schoolchildren contributing their holiday fund for their school bus driver. The ad concludes with beautiful lines from a student, “You take us to our home every day. This Ramadan, this will take you to yours.”

Ramadan Marketing Campaigns

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That’s a great video indeed, but if you are lagging behind in budget, you can ask your digital marketing partner to come up with comparably less expensive yet inspiring video on Ramadan marketing idea.

3. Extend discounts and offers

Shopping is a big turn-on for people during Ramadan, especially in the last two weeks before Eid-Ul-Fitr. They love spending on products that accompany lucrative deals and discount offers. So now you know how to keep your customers glued to your brand. For instance, you can offer gifts on every sale beyond a fixed shopping amount online.

4. Is your site mobile responsive?

Mobile Responsive Website

In the modern day competitive market, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to engage prospective leads and then transform them to loyal customers. Evidently, mobile apps and responsive websites are a befitting mode to help your Ramadan 2019 marketing campaign. Moreover, mobile responsive landing pages and emailers make it easier for your customers to browse through the merchandizes on your website with ease.

5. Have you tried social media advertising?

Social Media is yet another great method to push your products and motivate the users to visit your site. You can use Facebook advertising or Google ad campaign for best results. But before inviting the visitors to your portal, make sure that your website is up-to-date and offers much above par UX/UI. If you want the customers to install your mobile app, it must be engaging enough to keep them hooked up. Even a slight lapse in terms of functionality would be enough for them to uninstall the app. So mind it!

6. Timing matters a lot

If during Ramadan Karim, you are pushing emails during lunchtime, it may not go well with your customers. This is because Muslims fast throughout the day and wait till the iftaar time to break it. Hence, sending some relevant food related offers through mails or push up notifications, one or two hours before iftaar could bear decent results. To send the next offer related to meals, it is better to wait for a couple of hours as most of your potential customers would be busy with their families in between. You can use email editors to schedule the time for sending newsletters and landing pages.



No doubt, Ramadan is one of the most consecrated months for the followers of Islam in UAE and elsewhere across the globe. But it stands out significantly in terms of business as well. To make the most of this month for the benefit of your business, it is high time to come up win-win advertising campaigns and creating innovative Ramadan marketing ideas. It is even better to hire one of the best digital marketing companies in Dubai to work for your cause.

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