Things to Include in Your Ecommerce Website’s Development

30 October, 2017

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An ecommerce website’s function is unique. So when it comes to developing one, it’s a whole other ballgame.


Designing and building a website is a complex process. There is a spectrum of aspects to put into consideration from what features to include to understanding its purpose and function. However, when it comes to developing an ecommerce website, it’s a whole other ballgame.

Why? How is it different from the usual brand website? Ultimately, it’s because an ecommerce website’s function is unique. It is a platform where brands can sell products to shoppers. Thus, it is paramount to make special considerations when developing your ecommerce website.

So what kind of considerations? We’ve rounded up five points that you should keep an eye out for. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Make it responsive:
Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls that brands and developers fall victim to is underestimating the fundamental need of a responsive website. The number of people using mobile devices to access websites is growing in leaps and bounds and ecommerce sales take a chunky portion of this traffic.

Ensuring that your ecommerce website is responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes, platforms, and browsers provides users a seamless experience and accessibility. So regardless of the device, site visitors and shoppers are able to browse through your products and make a purchase without hassle from the minute they open your ecommerce website until they check out and make a payment.

Give customers a search option:
There is nothing that disrupts an experience more than having to manually search through hundreds, if not thousands, of products to find what they need.  During your ecommerce website’s development, remember to include a search option to simplify users’ hunt.

About 30% of online shoppers utilize this feature to find what they are looking for. Search features such as autocomplete and filters make it easier for customers to narrow their search and quickly find what they need. So make sure that this feature is available and functional for their queries!

Prioritize security:
One of the biggest concerns when it comes to online shopping is the safety and security of sensitive information. In a sphere like the Internet where anyone can gain access to personal data and exploit it, it’s no wonder that a good number of online shoppers are weary of sharing such details.

It is vital to your ecommerce website’s success that you prioritize users’ security. Not only will they feel better about disclosing sensitive information with you but you also guarantee them privacy and security from external harm. Customers will expect that your website is a safe place so make sure to develop your ecommerce site to support SSL encryption and implement other precautionary measures to prioritize security.

Implement Guest Checkouts:
It’s not uncommon to find ecommerce websites requiring customers to create an account to make a purchase. This makes it easier to store information such as name, address, and payment details for a streamlined checkout process.

However, 作为一个电子商务的网站开发人员, you must remember that not all visitors would want to go through the process of opening account. So to make it easier for them, why not implement guest checkouts? This not only allows interested shoppers to continue making a purchase but also lets them opt out of making an account.

Optimize your ecommerce website:
Did you know that 40% of online shoppers will abandon a website due to its slow loading speed? This is especially true for visitors accessing your ecommerce website through their mobile devices.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that your website is optimized to run as quickly as possible. You can simplify the loading process by combining the site’s JavaScript and CSS, compressing images, and using caching.

Wrapping it up:
It is essential to keep in mind these key points throughout the e-commerce website development stage. These will help ensure that you are providing customers the best online shopping experience your brand can offer!

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