Digital Marketing strategies you can’t miss

20 November, 2016


‘Managing Digital Marketing’ by Smart Insights reports that more than 40% of brands don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy and while 16% do have a plan, they haven’t yet integrated it into their marketing efforts.

Implementing > Learning > Growing

This is the mantra for brands who are yet to implement digital marketing activities. Here are a few strategies you cannot ignore at this hour.

Content Marketing Strategy

It is seen due to content marketing, brands have come closer to their audience and have created a good rapport with them. But bombarding them with too much content doesn’t serve the purpose. Sending out content at the right time to the right people is the key to use content to its fullest.

While the content is out, it is important to see the truthfulness that lies in it. Many a times, we have seen content aggregators apologizing for publishing or taking a stance for false/wrong information. Such cases are usually not accepted by the audience. The effect can be devastating and irreversible. So be careful while sourcing information.

Social Media Marketing

While it is in the open that social media marketing for any brand is now inevitable. To make it successful, brands must pin their objectives for this media. Realistic and achievable goals must be targeted. Brand awareness, customer retaining tactics and reducing marketing costs are some of the many objectives. Making your objectives measurable is the key here.

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